Sunday 24th September 2017,
Independent Venue Week


Founder – Sybil Bell                 Director of UK – Chloe “Colin” Ward

Head of Live – Sam Craven            Head of Content and Media – Paul Stokes

Website and Logistics – Mel Barber   Press – Laura Bradley, Sprout PR +44 7966 435 026

Head of HR – Colin Ginbena
Accounts – Caroline Foster-Dickins
Vinyl Guru – DJ Megan Morrissey
President of Passwords – Robyn Login
Teapot Sharer – Carole Lampard (Not Frank’s mum)
Social Events Overlord – Alison G (Our own Ali G)
Accounts Man – Frank “Spencer” Palmer
Mood Oscilator – Steve Sexton
Dark Destroyer – Ben Edwards
Chief of International Incidents – Polish Pip
Head of Styling It Out and Fun-ding – Emma “Not over the” Hill
Burlesque Choreographer – Vinnie “Not Jones” Lammi

If you’re a venue and would like to be part of Independent Venue Week, please read our Venue Sign Up and Code of Conduct and contact Chloe if you meet the criteria. It’s completely free for qualifying venues.

Created by I Like The Sound Of That Ltd, Independent Venue Week is a trademarked initiative.

I Like The Sound Of That Ltd (registered address)
41 Great Portland Street