Independent Venue Week


Founder – Sybil Bell –
Director of UK – Chloe “Colin” Ward –
Head of Live – Sam Craven –
Head of Content and Media – Paul Stokes –
Website, Live, and Logistics – Jamie Spencer –
Website/Volunteers/Logistics – Robbie Wojciechowski –
Press – Laura Bradley, Sprout PR –
+44 7966 435 026

Head of HR – Colin Ginbena
Accounts – Caroline Foster-Dickins
Vinyl Guru – DJ Megan Morrissey
President of Passwords – Robyn Login
Social Events Overlord – Alison G (Our own Ali G)
Accounts Man – Frank “Spencer” Palmer
Mood Oscilator – Steve Sexton
Dark Destroyer – Ben Edwards
Teapot Sharer – Carole Lampard (Not Frank’s mum)
Polish Pip – Chief of International Incidents
Emma “Not over the” Hill – Head of Styling It Out and Fun-ding

If you would like to get involved as a volunteer for Independent Venue Week 2018, you can do so through filling out the volunteer application form .
If you are a venue and would like to be part of Independent Venue Week, please contact Jamie or Robbie for further details.

Created by I Like The Sound Of That Ltd, Independent Venue Week is a trademarked initiative.

I Like The Sound Of That Ltd (registered address), 41 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 7LA