Independent Venue Week


Blue Hippo Media, creators of acclaimed music documentary Last Shop Standing, has partnered with Independent Venue Week to create a feature documentary celebrating and exploring the eclectic, dynamic and magical world of independent music venues. You can see a teaser here.

Up and down the country, these venues have played a crucial role in the development of music over the last 40 years. And more. Nurturing local talent, they provide a platform for artists to build their careers, develop their music and hone their performance.

Not to mention the hordes of would be sound engineers, lighting technicians, tour managers and roadies who cut their teeth making a band sound and look good, arrive on time and leave in one piece. Let’s also not forget the importance of these cultural hubs to their local communities. And this happens, in these small businesses, up and down the country, night after night.

Filming began during IVW 2018 and continued throughout 2018 as well as during IVW 2019 when we hit the road with Philip Selway (Radiohead) visiting places that were instrumental in the early days of the band.

The passion and stories we have captured truly reflect how much love there is for these venues. Philip spoke with owners, artists and promoters along with local people involved in their scene, including gig goers, to hear first hand how these venues are so important to everyone that walks through their doors.

We have had amazing contributions from people like Nadine Shah, Nick Mason (Pink Floyd), Sheila Ravenscroft (John Peel Centre), Ade Utley (Portishead), Gaz Coombes, IDLES and many more. We have also filmed at the 100 Club, The New Adelphi, The Boileroom, The Cookie, John Peel Centre, The Trades Club Hebden Bridge, The Windmill Brixton, Moles Club Bath and many others.

Being able to show to people, on screen, venues that they have heard of or seen on tour posters but never been to will, we hope, encourage them to go to gigs away from their usual haunts and discover parts of the country that they haven’t ever explored.

There is more filming to do across 2019 although we are now deep into the edit. The film will have its World Premiere in autumn 2019 ahead of a UK cinema / venue tour.

Want To Help Make It Happen?

This is an indie film from indie people and we are looking for the spirit of independence to help us bring this film home. The Long and Winding Road is an amazing celebration and clarion call for independent music venues and the heroes who keep them going.

We are looking for more supporters who will be acknowledged in the film, Associate and Exec Producers who will get their names in the opening credits and much more. We would welcome sponsors who will be branded to the film in both its opening credits as well as associated materials.

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If this is something you’re interested in or know someone who might be, please get in touch with either Rob or Sybil (or both).


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