Wednesday 11th December 2019,
Independent Venue Week

IVW Tickets


All Ears Avow

Tuesday 28th January – 229 London, London TICKETS
Wednesday 29th January – The Shed, Leicester TICKETS
Friday 31st January – The Junction, Plymouth TICKETS
Saturday 1st February – Sin City, Swansea TICKETS
Sunday 2nd February – Cobblestones, Bridgewater TICKETS

B.C. Camplight

Monday 27th January – Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich TICKETS
Tuesday 28th January – The Boileroom, Guildford TICKETS
Wednesday 29th January – The Loft, Southampton TICKETS
Friday 31st January – Bedford Esquires, Bedford TICKETS
Saturday 1st February – The Grand, Clitheroe TICKETS

Egyptian Blue/Sinead O’Brien
Thursday 30th January – The Horn, St Albans TICKETS
Friday 31st January – Clwb Ifor Back, Cardiff TICKETS
Saturday 1st February – The Cookie, Leicester TICKETS
Sunday 2nd February – Birkenhead Library, Birkenhead TICKETS

Lower Dens
Monday 27th January – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds TICKETS
Tuesday 28th January – The Blue Arrow Jazz Club TICKETS
Thursday 30th January – The Dome, London TICKETS
Friday 31st January – Rough Trade Bristol, Bristol TICKETS

Man Of Moon

Wednesday 29th January – Cluny 2, Newcastle TICKETS
Thursday 30th January – Oporto, Leeds TICKETS
Friday 31st January – Undertone, Cardiff TICKETS
Saturday 1st February – The Castle Hotel, Manchester TICKETS
Sunday 2nd February – Paper Dress Vintage, London TICKETS

Monday 27th January – Firebug, Leicester  TICKETS
Wednesday 29th January – The Boileroom, Guildford TICKETS

Penelope Isles 
Monday 27th January – The Smokehouse, Ipswich TICKETS
Tuesday 28th January – The Tin Music & Arts, Coventry TICKETS
Thursday 30th January – Gullivers, Manchester TICKETS
Friday 31st January – St James’ Wine Vaults TICKETS

Raging Speedhorn
Sunday 26th January – The Frog and Fiddle, Cheltenham TICKETS
Monday 27th January – The Joiners, Southampton TICKETS
Tuesday 28th January – The Bunkhouse, Swansea TICKETS
Wednesday 29th January – Cobblestones, Bridgwater TICKETS
Thursday 30th January – The Live Rooms, Chester TICKETS
Friday 31st January – Redrum, Stafford TICKETS
Saturday 1st February – Record Junkee, Sheffield TICKETS
Sunday 2nd February – Rebellion, Blackpool TICKET LINK TBA

Friday 24th January – The Anvil, Bournemouth – TICKETS
Saturday 25th January – Exeter Cavern, Exeter – TICKETS
Monday 27th January – The Black Prince, Northampton TICKETS
Tuesday 28th January – Waterfront Studio, Norwich TICKETS
Wednesday 29th January – Network, Sheffield TICKETS
Thursday 30th January – Phase One, Liverpool TICKETS
Friday 31st January – Bootleg Social, Blackpool TICKETS
Sunday 2nd February – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh TICKETS
Tuesday 4th February – The Shed, Leicester TICKETS
Wednesday 5th February – Elsewhere, Margate TICKETS
Thursday 6th February – Green Door Store, Brighton TICKETS

Rozi Plain
Wednesday 29th January – The Tin Music & Arts, Coventry TICKETS
Friday 31st January Pound Arts Centre, Cosham – TICKETS
Saturday 1st February – Elsewhere, Margate TICKETS

Friday 25th January – Independent Sunderland, Sunderland TICKETS
Monday 27th January – The Boileroom, Guildford TICKETS
Tuesday 28th January – The Cookie, Leicester TICKETS
Thursday 30th January – Bedford Esquires, Bedford TICKETS

Wednesday 29th January – The Sugarmill, Stoke-on-Trent TICKETS
Thursday 30th January – The Parish, Huddersfield TICKETS
Friday 31st January – The Smokehouse, Ipswich SOLD OUT
Sunday 2nd February – Bedford Esquires, Bedford TICKETS

Tuesday 28th January – Band on the Wall, Manchester TICKETS
Wednesday 29th January – Hare and Hounds, Birmingham TICKETS
Friday 31st January – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds TICKETS



The Venue
Friday 31st January – James Walsh TICKETS


The Cookie
Tuesday 28th January – TOY TICKETS
Saturday 1st February – Uncle Frank TICKETS
Sunday 2nd February – Sound Of The Sirens TICKETS

Monday 27th January – Peaness TICKETS

The Shed
Tuesday 28th January – Cornflake’s At Kellys + Piston Slap TICKETS
Wednesday 29th January –  All Ears Avow TICKETS
Friday 31st January  – ShaoDow TICKETS

The SoundHouse
Friday 31st January – Hibou + SisterBliss TICKETS
Saturday 1st February – Frauds + Earls + Smack Jack TICKETS


The Black Prince
Monday 27th January – ROAM TICKETS
Thursday 30th January – King Purple + Tragic £7 O.T.D
Friday 31st January – The Big Dirty + The Touch + Wah Wah Club TICKETS

The Roadmender
Sunday 2nd February – Local Scene + Barratts + Garden TICKETS



Bury St Edmunds

The Hunter Club
Saturday 1st February – Tundra + Gutts + B.U.H + Kulk and Groff TICKET


Cambridge Junction
Monday 27th January – The Felice Brothers + Carson McHone TICKETS
Friday 31st January – The Brass Funkeys TICKETS
Friday 31st January – Brett Eldredge + Lauren Jenkins TICKETS
Saturday 1st February – James Taylor Quartet TICKETS
Saturday 1st February – Catherine Bohart: Lemon TICKETS


Three Wise Monkeys
Friday 31st January – Ghosts of Men + Shooty and the Bang Bang + Killatrix TICKETS
Sunday 2nd February – REVENANT + Beyond Defected + Collected TICKET LINK TBA

The Horn at The Half Moon
Thursday 30th February – Sean McGowan TICKETS


The Smokehouse
Monday 27th January – Penelope Isles TICKETS
Wednesday 29th January – TOY TICKETS
Thursday 30th January – Girl Ray TICKETS
Friday 31st January – Warmduscher + Earth Mother Fucker + Dingus Khan TICKETS
Saturday 1st February – Verb T + Rye Shabby + DJ Madnice/ DJ Ghostly TICKETS


OPEN Norwich

Friday 31st January – Sisteray TICKETS


John Peel Centre For Creative Arts
Saturday 1st February – The Karpets TICKETS



Lion Clapton
Monday 27th January – GIRLI TICKETS

Thursday 30th January – FEET TICKETS


The Half Moon Putney
Monday 27th January – James Walsh (Starsailor) Solo Acoustic TICKETS

Tuesday 28th January – I SEE RIVERS TICKETS
Friday 31st January – Dodgy TICKETS
Saturday 1st February  – Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly + Christopher Blues + Eat The Evidence + Grace Blakeley + Charlotte Carpenter + Heavy Highness + Blab + Diane Chorley + Christopher Bliss + Brigitte Aphrodite + Disco Ceilidh TICKETS

The Windmill
Tuesday 28th January – Goat Girl + Great Dad + Pet Grotesque TICKETS




The Forum Music Studios
Friday 31st January – Stereo MC’s TICKETS
Saturday 1st February – Tez Ilyas + Mike Newall + Danny Degan TICKETS


Base Camp
Saturday 1st January – Strange Bones TICKETS


Cluny 2
Wednesday 29th January – Man Of Moon TICKETS


The Manor House
Friday 31st January – The Alan Hull Songbook TICKETS
Saturday 1st February – The Bird Scarers TICKETS
Sunday 2nd February – The Manor House Songwriters TICKETS


Independent Sunderland
Friday 25th January – TOY + White Flowers TICKETS




The Snug Atherton
Friday 31st January – Over Oceans + The Difference + The Lounge Society + Stanleys TICKETS
Saturday 1st February –  SAULTS + The Pagans S.O.H + Stepford Wives + Gdansk81 TICKETS


Birkenhead Library
Sunday 2nd February – Sinead O’Brien + Egyptian Blue TICKETS


The Met
Thursday 30th January – Della Mae TICKET
Friday 31st January – Turin Brakes TICKETS


The Live Rooms
Friday 31st January – Imperial Wax TICKETS
Sunday 26th January – Penelope Isles + Nikki & The Waves TICKETS


Craft Taproom
Tuesday 28th January – Maddie Stenberg + David Masson + Nicola Hardman TICKETS
Friday 31st January – Mai 68 Records TICKETS
Sunday 2nd February – Craft All Dayer TICKETS

Handyman Supermarket
Thursday 30th January – Matt McManamon (The Dead 60’s) + Ali Horn + Ben Burke TICKETS


Band on the Wall
Tuesday 28th January – Wire TICKETS

The Castle Hotel
Saturday 1st February – Man Of Moon TICKETS

Thursday 30th January – Penelope Isles  TICKETS

The Peer Hat
Thursday 30th January – The Monofones + Snake Rattlers + The Red Stains TICKETS
Friday 31st January – Kill Your Boyfriend + Hey, Bulldog! + The Dee Vees TICKETS

Wilderness Record Store
Thursday 30th January – Famous + POSA TICKETS


The Salty Dog
Monday 27th January – Diet Pills + Arthur Lurker + Incisions TICKETS
Wednesday 29th January – Bryan’s Music Quiz TICKETS
Thursday 30th January – Deja Vega + Saint Ivy + Domiciles TICKETS
Friday 31st January – Callow Youth + Heavy Salad TICKETS
Saturday 1st February – Scott Burstow + Bez TICKETS
Sunday 2nd February – Sworn Amongst + From Her Ashes + Clashmute TICKETS



Bennigans Bar
Saturday 1st February – Sean McGowen TICKETS




Friday 31st January – The Ninth Wave + Savage Mansion + Heir Of The Cursed TICKETS


The Blue Arrow Jazz Club
Tuesday 28th January – Lower Dens TICKETS

Wednesday 29th January – Jack Richardson + Emme Woods TICKETS
Thursday 20th January – Domiciles + Tomorrow Syndicate + The Naked Feedback TICKETS
Friday 31st January – City Of Vultures Takeover TICKETS
Saturday 1st February – The Vintage Explosion TICKETS
Saturday 1st February – Exterior + Paulitical TICKETS

The Glad Cafe
Thursday 30th January – Savage Mansion + Secret Motorbikes + Yakima TICKETS

The Hug and Pint
Monday 27th January – Kiwi Jr. TICKETS

Tuesday 28th January – Giant Drag TICKETS
Thursday 30th January – Georgie TICKETS

Friday 31st January – Gallus + Fiendz YT TICKETS
Friday 31st January – Pleasure Heads + MEMES + Two Tone Television TICKETS
Sunday 2nd February – The Goat Roper Rodeo Band TICKETS



West End Centre
Thursday 30th January – Modular Cafe TICKETS
Thursday 30th January – Macho Rancho TICKET LINK TBC
Friday 31st January – Daliso Chaponda TICKETS


Bedford Esquires
Thursday 30th January – TOY TICKETS
Friday 31st January – B.C. Camplight TICKETS


Monday 27th January – Xylouris White + Gwenifer Raymond TICKETS
Tuesday 28th January – Komedia New Comedy Award TICKETS
Wednesday 29th January – Hammer & Tounge TICKETS
Wednesday 29th January – Shovels & Rope TICKETS
Thursday 30th January – Comic Boom
Thursday 30th January – Max & Ivan TICKETS
Friday 31st January – Strange Cages + Skinny Milk + Yetti TICKETS
Friday 31st January – Krater Comedy Club TICKETS
Saturday 1st February – Geneva TICKETS
Saturday 1st February – Krater Comedy Club TICKETS
Sunday 2nd February – Bent Double TICKETS
Sunday 2nd February – Fern Brady TICKETS

The Old Market
Monday 27th January – TOM’s Film Club: A Dog Called Money
Thursday 30th January – Reigning Women Launch Night: Amy True + Bobbie Johnson + Tammie + Phonetic Sylvia Sanchez + Lisa Loe + Boudica + Dandi Lion TICKETS

The Pipeline
Tuesday 28th January – I’m Being Good + Plurals + Automouse TICKETS
Sunday 2nd February – Realm of Torment + Watch Me Die + Plead TICKETS


The Boileroom

Monday 27th January – TOY + White Flowers TICKETS
Tuesday 28th January – B.C. Camplight TICKETS
Wednesday 29th January – Peaness TICKETS
Thursday 30th January – Indoor Pets TICKETS
Friday 31st January – Valeras TICKETS
Sunday 2nd February – JOHN TICKETS


Saturday 1st February – Rozi Plain TICKETS

Milton Keynes

Monday 27th January – CKY + Sanguine TICKETS
Saturday 1st February – Shotplate + Until Tomorrow + Ali In The Jungle TICKETS

MK Gallery
Wednesday 29th January – Jaakko Eino Kalevi + Wyldest TICKETS

The Stables

Monday 27th January – Blinded By The Light *Film* TICKETS
Tuesday 28th January – Deborah Bonham Band TICKETS
Thursday 30th January – Remi Harris TICKETS
Friday 31st January – Cleveland Watkiss – Great Jamaican Songbook TICKETS
Friday 31st January – The Local Honeys TICKETS
Saturday 1st February – Martyn Joseph TICKETS
Saturday 1st February – Megan Dixon – Hood TICKETS


Ramsgate Music Hall
Thursday 30th January – Adrian Sherwood TICKETS


Rising Sun Arts Centre
Friday 31st January – Pink Diamond Revue + The Other Dramas + Psychpomp TICKETS
Saturday 1st February – The Keep Cats + Harroland + Candid Heist TICKETS
Sunday 2nd February – Sean McGowan + The August List + Colours & Fires TICKETS

St Albans 

The Horn
Monday 27th January – Blue Hour + Yes Factory + Vertigo + Lemon Venom TICKETS
Tuesday 28th January – Artist Delvleopment & Pre-Management Session TICKETS
Thursday 30th January – Sinead O’Brien + Egyptian Blue TICKETS 
Friday 31st January – James Taylor Quartet + DJ Hansi SOLD OUT
Saturday 1st February – Warmduscher TICKETS


The Factory Live
Friday 31st January – Indoor Pets + Gloo + SPEAKERFREAK TICKETS



The Factory
Friday 31st January – Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club TICKETS
Sunday 2nd February – An Audience with Shaun Ryder TICKETS


Tuesday 28th January – Littlemen + Port Erin + Pleasures of the Dammed TICKETS
Wednesday 29th January – Ego Death Star + Charivari + Ravetank TICKETS
Thursday 30th January – The Will Johns Band + Meeking TICKETS
Friday 31st January – And So I Watch You From Afar TICKETS

Friday 31st January – JOHN TICKETS
Saturday 1st February – Billy Lockett TICKETS

St James’ Wine Vaults
Friday 31st January – Penelope Isles TICKETS


The Anvil
Friday 24th January – ROAM TICKETS
Wednesday 29th January – 45’s TICKETS
Thursday 30th January – Lion TICKETS
Friday 31st January – Sean McGowan TICKETS


Mr Wolf’s 
Friday 31st January – Joe Probert + James Humphrys TICKETS
Saturday 1st February – Hardwicke Circus TICKETS

Rough Trade Bristol
Friday 31st January – Lower Dens TICKETS
Saturday 1st February – Kevin Devine TICKETS

The Crofters Rights
Tuesday 28th January – Hibou TICKETS


Pound Arts Centre
Thursday 30th January – Luke Wright: The Remains of Logan Dankworth TICKET
Friday 31st January – Rozi Plain + Lo Barnes TICKETS
Saturday 1st February – Chloe Foy + Nuala Honan TICKETS


Exeter Cavern
Wednesday 29th January – GENN TICKETS


St James
Saturday 1st February – Beach Riot + track not found + Cold Fiction TICKETS

South Petherton
The David Hall
Saturday 1st February – Mad Dog Mcrea TICKETS



Acapela Studios
Wednesday 29th January – Tim Baker of Hey Rosetta TICKETS
Saturday 2nd February – Daisy Chapman TICKETS

The Moon
Saturday 1st February – NOVA TWINS TICKETS


The Lost ARC
Wednesday 29th January – Lucky 7s – Vinyl Lover’s Social TICKETS
Friday 31st January – Cambrian Records Showcase (Toby Hay + Others TBC) TICKETS
Saturday 1st February – The Mighty Vipers TICKETS



The Night Owl

Saturday 1st February – 45’s TICKETS


The Tin at the Coal Vaults
Tuesday 28th January – Penelope Isles + The Howl and the Hum TICKETS
Wednesday 29th January – Rozi Plain + Batsch TICKETS
Thursday 30th January – Awalé + Ka Safar TICKETS
Friday 31st Janaury – Waste Paper Opera + Mammoth Beat Organ + Sad Man vs Artist Retired (RA) TICKETS
Saturday 1st February – The Courtesy Group TICKETS


Friday 31st January – Raging Speedhorn + Desert Storm + Those Snakes TICKETS
Saturday 1st February – IDLES (DJ Set) + Paper Castles TICKETS


Claptrap The Venue
Friday 31st January – The Humdrum Express + TV Smith TICKETS


The Sugarmill
Wednesday 29th January – Warmduscher TICKETS


Forge Urban Revival @ The Wakes
Saturday 1st February – Tom Baxter + Anne-Marie Allen TICKETS



Wroot Rocks
Friday 31st January – Chris Helme from The Seahorses + Maelor Hughes + Warren Ireland TICKETS

Saturday 1st February – Blair Dunlop + Maelor Hughes TICKETS


Square Chapel Arts Centre
Thursday 30th January – An Evening with Mik Artistik TICKETS
Friday 31st January – Clinton Baptiste TICKETS

Friday 31st January – Dan Donnelly TICKETS
Saturday 1st February – Toyah Willcox TICKETS

Wadsworth Community Centre
Friday 31st January – Chantel McGregor TICKETS
Saturday 1st February – Text and Drugs and Rock n’ Roll with Simon Warner, Heath Common and Nick Hall TICKETS


The Parrish
Wednesday 29th January – Mark Moriss (The Bluetones) TICKETS
Thursday 30th January – Warmduscher TICKETS

Saturday 1st February – Allusinlove TICKETS


360 Club @ Lending Room
Thursday 30th January – Tiger By The Tail + Premaura + The Kidd TICKETS

Friday 31st January – Victors + Link Lewis + Hannah Slavin + Eva Eik TICKETS

Thursday 30th January – Man Of Moon TICKETS

Sunday 2nd February – Smoke Fairies TICKETS

The Wardrobe
Friday 31st January – Kevin Devine TICKETS
Saturday 1st February – Kokoroko TICKETS
Sunday 2nd February – Shed Seven (Acoustic) TICKETS


Wednesday 29th January – ROAM TICKETS

Record Junkee
Saturday 1st February – Raging Speedhorn + Dessert Storm TICKETS

Yellow Arch Studios
Friday 31st January – Adrian Sherwood + Dub Shack + Chief Pukka TICKETS


The Fulford Arms
Friday 31st January – The Monofones + Snakerattlers + The Black Lagoons TICKETS
Saturday 1st February – Sellsword + Forlorn Hope + Dream Troll TICKETS
Sunday 2nd February – Mark Morriss TICKETS

The Victoria Vaults
Friday 31st January – Vice Squad + Segregates + Hospital Food TICKETS