Monday 25th May 2020,
Independent Venue Week

Atherton, The Snug-Atherton


67A Market Street, Atherton, Manchester, M46 ODA | Venue Cap. 60 | Website

The Snug Live

Unless you have been to Atherton, a small town about 11 miles from Manchester city centre, you may not have heard of The Snug, an independent coffee shop, tucked just off the main high street. After this weekend’s sold out ‘Snug Live’ music event, I reckon that may soon be about to change.

With a courtyard garden, a mishmash of furniture, music themed pictures (many of which have been painted by customers), more than a few nods to an obvious love of Vic and Bob and staff with as much character as the place itself, it’s easy to see why it is repeatedly described in reviews as ‘eclectic’, ‘quirky’ and ‘welcoming’. Arriving just after the opening time of 3pm, the sun was out, the place was already filling up and the DJ was spinning some absolute belters.
The first of the live acts to kick it all off was singer/songwriter/guitarist/master of all things musical, James Holt. Watching James perform in front of a Welsh dresser stacked with picture frames and knickknacks was almost like your Nana had invited him around her house to play. In fact I’m convinced this is the way forward now. If I don’t see at least one china ornament at the next gig I go to, I’m going to be disappointed.

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