Independent Venue Week

Beckenham, Beckenham Arts Lab


The Mansion, Beckenham Place Park, BR3 1SY | Venue Cap. 200 | Website 

David Bowie started the Beckenham Arts Lab in 1969. Since its final gig the following year, Beckenham has been massively lacking in live music. There is a creative ethos in and around the south east London suburb, stemming from music to art and film. Situated at The Beckenham Place Park Mansion, the new 21st century Arts Lab aims to bring together these branches of creativity in one venue for the local youth, and the community. The Mansion is a great venue as over the past months it has been renewed as a central place for events and creative activities for the community. There are fantastic performance spaces in the building, along with a record store, café and bar. Having put on 3 extremely successful sold out DIY music festivals for the past two years, it’s clear that live music is in high demand from the young people of the area. The closest venue available is the Brixton Windmill, which isn’t known or accessible for eager gig lovers of Beckenham/Bromley. We are confident that Arts Lab will be extremely successful on its opening night, looking to debut its first gig on Friday, February 1st. We really think having the support of Independent venue week will massively help in getting Arts Lab off the ground, working with people who have an equal passion for live music.

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