Independent Venue Week

London, The Five Bells


155 New Cross Road, London, SE14 5DJ | Venue Cap. 150 |Website

The Five Bells is a Live Music Venue, Public House, Gallery & Rehearsal Rooms in New Cross, SE London.

Since traditional English boozers are in such rapid decline, we decided we had to do something which could preserve the history & aesthetic of our venue, while exciting new folk to come have a gander. Live music was inevitably going to be that thing & with a new booker who was immersed in London’s alternative music scene, we were able to offer not only live music, but live music that people actually give a damn about.

We have a long history of music as an Irish Pub & in recent decades as one of the revered local haunts of Millwall Football Club.

Ultimately we pride ourselves on inclusivity. The vibe is sweet & the beer is cold.

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Prior to arriving at The Premises, and preferably a few days before, customers should email to enquire about the following: ​ • Access (including parking facilities, public transport links and the distance between The Premises and nearest station / bus stop) ​ • Assistance ​ • Services available (including the needs of parties of people with disabilities)