My IVW Tour Day 6

Myself and Sybil before we headed our separate ways on the tour

I woke up on Saturday morning, my body had begun to feel like it was fermenting, the whole tour was beginning to take its toll on me, I think Saturday was the day where I felt the most disconnected, spending most of the morning lazing in bed listening to BBC6 Music as I was flittering through Twitter. Watching money fly in from all directions. It was genuinely jaw-dropping and extremely overwhelming as we were pretty much ¾ of the way to hitting out target which was just a little over 2 days since the. I had to pretty much pinch myself. I hid in my bed, I am always very cautious whenever I am staying at other peoples houses, I’m always quite a meek and mild person. So I hid in my room until I heard the word breakfast started to spring out.

My head was still ringing from the excitement of the previous night’s show, as both me and Sybil were feeling a bit battered from the whole week on tour. As per usual when I’m in someone else’s flat I cant help but let my wonder especially when eyeing up a box of records. I tend to find that you know if you can trust the person that you are staying with.

Bleary-eyed breakfast wakes me up a bit I begin to get saddled up feeling like a dying pack mule, anything slightly off-balance would completely throw me and to be honest my poor brain is barely being able to function properly so I found my sense of direction completely thrown, especially when I am dropped off at the train station. After getting my train ticket to Leicester. I find myself getting completely confused by the station’s layout even the simplest of directions is confusing my poor brain. Cue me missing a couple of trains, but eventually, I do get on the train too Leicester which is luckily only an hour train ride away.

Upon arriving into Leicester I thought I would be a bit adventurous in walking to my hotel, but just after leaving the station I thought fuck it I’m getting a cab. About 10 mins after rattling around streets in Leicester I arrive at my hotel which luckily for me is directly opposite the venue for tonight the Firebug. So I quickly get settled into my hotel before heading over to the venue for some much-needed grub. I have to say the food in the Firebug was pretty good, it definitely provided some much needed greasy fuel. I must admit that I found the Firebug to be a bit of a cold venue, a bit like Start The Bus in Bristol where it kind of had a fake independent feel, where everything felt just a little too clean, its polished floors, it wasn’t a bad place by any means it just lacked a little of the warmth and personality of per say the Windmill.

I have to say today was one of those days that I just felt like curling up in a ball and hide, but hey I decided to put myself through this, so I would see it through to the bitter end, even if my body was definitely flagging. I spotted a few AF Gang members in the corner so I decided to hover around them like a social leach, luckily a couple I had met at the Idles gig at the Village Underground who were going to be heading down the road to see Af Gangs other adopted Sons Frauds, I myself was torn between going to that show and the gig I had chosen, but then again I had never seen Egyptian Blue and Sinead O’Brien before.

I pretty much crawled upstairs to the gig room, where I was met with a warm welcome by Nick who runs the Cookie and another couple of people who I can’t remember their names, one of them is a female photographer who I had seen at few Bristol shows, but I can’t remember her damn name, to be honest at this point my brain was turning into a crashing computer. I kind of vaguely knew Nick through his brother Henry who lives in Bristol. Nick invited me to the Cookie

Tonight’s gig was definitely of the underattended variety maybe about 30 or 40 people, the room is dark but lacks any atmosphere, I stand down the front in amongst a gaggle of young faces who had come to see the local openers Factory Girls, who left me a bit nonplused about who they wanted to sound like.

Up next was Sinead O’Brien who was a young Irish artist that I had been turned onto by a friend of mine who had started to manage her. So I was excited to see what Sinead would bring to the stage?

Oozing with charisma the young artist drew on influences from Patti Smith, Lydia Lunch and kind of a bit of an off-kilter PJ Harvey kind of fitting in with Dry Cleaning with spoken delivery.

My painting of Sinead O’Brien

The entirety of tonight’s audience were AF Gang members and End Of The Road attendees, it’s fair to say the AF Gang Members all have certain easy to spot things, such as Metz, John, Idles T-shirts and a BBC 6 attitude.

I did not know really what to expect from Egyptian Blue other then my friends had said that they were very good, and that can mean anything. But what this outfit delivers is a tightly knitted set of groove-driven post punk, taking their nods from the likes of Gang Of Four, Public Image Limited and a few other bands all mixed into one continuous soup that I found myself getting lost in. It was hypnotic and propelling each song felt like a finely sprung coil. Each song gradually ratcheting up the tension with interchanging guitar riffs.

A couple more of my “Rockin’ Bob Rosses”, this time of Egyptian Blue and Factory Girls

After the gig I found myself having a bit of a chin wag with various members of the band who looked shattered as they had just done 10 days straight on the Road and that they were really feeling it.

I have to admit that shortly after this I began to feel like I was a complete outcast again down in the main bar, whilst sipping on a couple of pints of Coke I had a young girl come and ask me about my wrist band waistcoat but I could barely utter any words, so off I schlep across the street to my hotel.