Below are listed crowdfunding campaigns for different venues around the UK.

For those of you who would like to support multiple venues during this time, CAN YOU CIC IT, the Community Interest Company that runs Independent Venue Week, has set up a general crowdfunding campaign so you can donate to the whole community of venues.

General Crowdfunding Campaign:

100% of the money received in this fund will be distributed evenly amongst all of the venues listed on our crowdfunding page who have not yet reached their targets. CAN YOU CIC IT will take no administration costs from this money.

Funds will be shared every time we reach £1000 to make the spread worthwhile (if we have 50 venues, that’s £20 per venue) or every month, whichever means money get distributed to venues most effectively.

This fund will stay open for the foreseeable future and we will share any information here about its ongoing management.

Venue Merchandise:

Venue Crowdfunders: