In these past several weeks, the novel coronavirus has brought much of everyone’s daily lives to a screeching halt. For independent venues, whose businesses are kept afloat by social gatherings and live events, the lasting economic effects of this pandemic will prove to be a daunting and unprecedented challenge, unlike anything they’ve experienced beforehand.

With cancellations and postponements of everything from tours, festivals, live events and more, numerous independent venues are dealing with an uncertain future. These spaces that we know and love can only afford to be afloat for so long without events scheduled and money coming in.

Now more than ever before, independent venues need a helping hand. Many have gone out of their way to create online fundraising efforts or campaigns to seek donations in order to ride out this storm. Throughout the foreseeable future, we will be adding to this list of fundraising campaigns for independent venues from around the country, with links to each.

We hope you can share in supporting these rooms that have been there for all of us when we needed them most.

NIVA Emergency Relief Fund