Saturday 11th July 2020,
Independent Venue Week

Venue Sign-Up

Venue Sign-Up for IVW 2020 UK Is Now OPEN.

Thanks for your continued support and participation – our IVW family is growing every year.  We’ve really enjoyed working with you all and hope you’re keen to take part again in IVW 2020. We’re also looking forward to welcoming new venues and promoters this year.

We’ve produced an IVW FAQ this year which details the most frequent comments and questions we hear about the running of IVW and the reasons why we ask what we do from you. We hope this helps to clarify how we work and should help make IVW work even better for everybody.

The dates for IVW 2020 are Monday, 27th January – Sunday, 2nd February 2020.

Please read the Code of Conduct which has been updated with new information this year.

 Please note, venue sign-up for IVW 2020 is now closed

We have created a new independent promoter sign-up form. Please submit your information via this Google Form (Please make sure that if you are putting on an IVW event, the venue has signed up to participate. All participating venues can be found here)

Thanks and see you down the front.

Sybil (Founder)  Chloe (UK Director) Charlie (Logistics) Ruby (Comms)

American Independent venues are welcome to apply to participate in 2019’s US edition of Independent Venue Week here.