Independent Venue Week

Venue Sign-Up

Venue Sign-Up for IVW 2019 UK Is Now CLOSED.

If you’d like to be contacted when sign-up for IVW 2020 UK opens, please email

American Independent venues are welcome to apply to participate in 2019’s US edition of Independent Venue Week here.

Thank you for your interest in being part of Independent Venue Week.

We are a celebratory initiative that is completely free for you to be part of with all money from shows you put on, going directly back to you.

We really hope you’ll be part of this national celebration of venues that has a totally local feel.

All venues and promoters that put on shows across the week must read and confirm they agree that they will follow the guidelines (link below). We ask that everyone in your team who will be involved in the week and the build-up also reads this document.

We want the week to be as fair and equal for everyone as possible and this document is intended to ensure that happens. We revise it every year based on shared experiences and feedback from the community. Please do let us know if you have any thoughts that will help make the week richer.

We chose to run IVW at the start of the year because it has historically been a quiet time for venues, lots of people have done ‘dry January’ and are looking for a great reason to get back out and lots of artists are being tipped for the year ahead.

Whilst IVW is a seven-day initiative, we are very much focused on the week being a foundation for the year ahead by helping drive more footfall into your venues, introducing you to more artists, agents, promoters and media.

We have started, and continue, to build up resource so we can work more closely with you to put on more shows throughout the year.


Sybil (Founder) and  Chloe (UK Director)

Code of Conduct Year 6

Once you have read and agreed to adhered to adhere to the code please click through on this link to sign up.